Are you Reacting or Creating?

With the rush of a 60 hour work week and the constant connection of our phones it is easy to become a pinball in the game of work.  When we turn the lights off at the end of the day it can feel as though we’ve accomplished nothing.  We often feel like firefighters running around the office to spray every fire that comes up and never take the time to stop and create opportunities for ourselves or our staff.

You have to stop and ask yourself what your contributions have made to the office over the past several months? Are you spending time moving from project to project without taking the time to create opportunities for the company?  Have you recently created a new sales opportunity for your staff or a way to save money for the company?

Think about your day and how much reaction time you spend vs. creation time.  If you’ve become the office pinball then dedicate time each week to brainstorming new ideas to produce revenue.  Otherwise you can be replaced by another pinball in the office the next day.

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