Why Your Boss Will Never Promote You

It’s Wednesday morning and you waltz into the office late for a 9am meeting.  Over the course of the day you tell your peers, your boss, the receptionist, and anyone else who will listen that you are so stressed you can hardly think and that your extremely busy with all the work they have you doing.  By the time 5:01pm rolls around you are packing up your office, turning off the lights and headed home.  Thursday comes, and you repeat the same behaviors.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your boss will never promote you.  Your boss thinks your a good role player only capable of handling the small tasks that you are assigned but that you don’t have the ability, talent or the drive to make it to the next level in your organization.  When the idea of a promotion comes about, your name gets pushed to the back of the pile because it is obvious to everyone in your company that you’ve reached your peak.

Even if you haven’t reached your peak, the perception is that you have, and once that shadow is cast upon you, you might as well retire in your cubicle or move on to another company.  Shedding this perception will be the toughest task that you accomplish and it will force you to work harder than you ever have before.  It will mean coming in to the office early and staying late, even if you don’t have the work to necessarily support these hours.  You have to change perception and make it reality that you deserve a promotion.

I’ve seen this many times where an employee thinks that they deserve a promotion, a raise or more responsibility.  The most honest conversation that you can have with this employee begins and ends with these words; “why would I give you more responsibility or money when it appears you are having trouble with the tasks you’ve been given?”

Employees always think they deserve more.  It is in our nature to want more money, title and responsibility, but all of that comes with a price tag that you have to pay up front by spending the hours and maintaining a perception that you are a superior employee.  Your perception will follow you all through your career and those who build a mantra that they deserve more work and money are those who get promoted faster.  Everyone in the office knows who works the hardest and who spends time telling everyone they work hard.  The proof ultimately is in the body of work but the one who is perceived as the best will win in the end.

If you want more work, more money, and a bigger title then perform first, and you will build a perception that you deserve all the accolades that come with performance.

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