Don’t Like Your Job? Then Quit!

I have said this a handful of times in my career to various people whether it be friends, colleagues or even someone directly on my staff. When the complaining reaches an overload point I’ve looked directly at them and said, “stop complaining, quit the job, be done.”

There is nothing worse than an employee who continually shows up to work only to bitch and moan to their counterparts. The negativity is obviously counterintuitive and causes more problems for the entire staff that surrounds them. Employees who hate their jobs are a time suck for everyone involved and they need to weed themselves out of the system gracefully and on their own.

If you hate your job then find a new one. Employees usually go through a six month cycle before finding a new job. They start with complaining, then followed by a few weeks of searching for a new job, by the time the final process is over they spend six months bringing everyone in the workplace down with their negativity and demeaning candor. This is time that could have been spent productively and without problems for the rest of the staff.

Would you stay in a relationship you hated? No, most likely you would get out. Would you keep eating at a restaurant that made you sick? No, you wouldn’t go back. So why do you keep walking in to the same office every single day if you hate it so badly?

I recall a conversation with one employee in which her complaining reached an all time high. After spending a few weeks listening to her and being patient through the process I finally said, “quit.”

I told her that there were many people who would hire her and that if she hated our company so much then she should find a competitor she liked. After I finished my sentence, she said, “ok, I get it, I’ll stop.”

Often times these blunt words have the right effect in which the employee understands that life is pretty great at their current company and they should stop the complaining. Often times it has the opposite effect and people decide the company, the pay, and the people just don’t fit any longer.

If your miserable then quit. Hire a recruiter to find you a new job and stop making the workplace suck for everyone around you!

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