What If You Were Fired Tomorrow?

As you go to bed tonight you begin to think about your pending Monday. You know you have a 10am staff meeting, a lunch with the one account that you would love to cancel and a 4pm meeting to discuss budgets. Although you would much rather sleep in late, meet a friend for lunch and go to a movie, you know that it is your job to be present for 8 hours at the office tomorrow and help forge business forward.

As you walk into the office you can’t help but feel that something is off. There is an unusual air about the office and there are a few more people rustling the building that usual. In a closed office you see your boss and a corporate person. They don’t greet you the typical way. Something is different.

You begin to play through all the previous days and what has taken place and you start to worry, “could today be the day?”

What would you do if you were fired tomorrow? If not for the smallest reason,what if you lost your job for not reporting to work onetime consistently or mis-use of expenses? Maybe a former employee reported some false information about you? What would you do? What if they found out that you had a meeting with their rival in an attempt to land a job for better pay and title?

I pose these questions because it makes us re-think our network and how we approach our job. Would you stay in the same career field or finally take the plunge into something different? Maybe something more exciting or risk taking. This question has led me to want to network more and build stronger skills outside of my comfort zone. I’ve taken the time to make sure I have a back up plan should that dreaded day ever come.

So I ask again, what would you do if you were fired today?

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