Work Life Balance

How do I write about a topic I know very little about? How do I comment on a topic in which I think is nonsense?

It usually seems to me that the only people who feel strongly about a positive work life balance are spouses, and employees who believe they are under-paid. You will never hear the CEO of a major corporation, who took home several million in compensation last year discuss their lack of work life balance. You will however hear the disgruntled employee who has to work an extra Saturday here or there and made less than $45K.

Work life balance to me is like this; if you work hard, you make more money. If you want a life, don’t work so hard. See the trade off? Nobody has ever gotten ahead in their careers by putting in 38.5 hours a week and calling it good. Unfortunately the trade off is more hours spent at the office, more time away from your family and a poor balance.

I’m not an advocate for spending time from your family and if you feel you have good balance then awesome. When I get irritated on this topic is when employees want it both ways, meaning good balance and a fat paycheck. They rarely go hand in hand.

If you want to get ahead then spend the time working and don’t complain.

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