Moving On (From Your Job)

If you were to survey a group of people who have recently left a job I would bet the majority would tell you they are happy with their move and that they wish they would have done it sooner.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is holding on too long and losing out on moments which can really define us. Instead we stay around in a position which we know is taking us nowhere, both from a professional and emotional growth place. We hang on because maybe someone tells us we can rekindle the love of the job. The “Seven Year Itch” in relationships can apply to a 3 year itch in our professions.

No matter how good the benefits are, your boss knows your routine, you know your staff, the office is comfortable, or if its just too easy to leave. The truth always lies from within. Listen to your heart when it comes to your profession because its always right.

Moving on is difficult but what is more difficult is not facing the truth. The truth that you can’t salvage this and that happiness most likely lies in a younger better looking company down the street.

So if you’ve spent time agonizing a change in your job, make the change and trust yourself. Don’t stress about the details. It will all work itself out.

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