Why Can’t We Just Fire Them?

Often times when we find ourselves as managers ready to move forward with the firing of an employee when we have reached our limit. We have spent hours cleaning up the mess that they have caused and each day we uncover more and more which drives their nail further in the coffin.

Then comes the time when your boss weighs the decision and agonizes over whether we should or shouldn’t dismiss this employee. They look at all angles, often times too many angles and decide that maybe the timing isn’t right in the company due to several reasons. They ask, “can we give them more time?” “Can we put them on an extended plan?”

The removed “C-Level Exec” tends to over analyze in many situations and doesn’t understand always the day to day that this employee is screwing up. It’s unfortunate that a manager can’t get the support they are seeking. While I’ve been fortunate to only see this example a few times n my career, my peers at other organizations have experienced it at great length.

If you have any questions on my personal viewpoints, see my post “FIRED.”

My word of advice to the C Level, let the manager pull the trigger and put the trust in them. You’ve hired them for a reason, now let them do their job.

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