The Business of Recruiting

Chances are you’ve been recruited at some point in your life.  Recruitment happens at all levels.  We are recruited at young ages into certain cliques or friend circles.  We’ve been recruited for sports, band, or special classes in high school.  Maybe you were recruited by a university to play sports or attend on a scholarship.  Today in your professional career, if you have not already been recruited, you will one day.  It will come in the form of a phone call or email in which someone wants you to consider working for their organization.

I’ve worked extensively with professional recruiters to hire for positions on my staff.  I’ve worked with some of the best and without a doubt, some of the lowest forms of life that are out there.  I’ve heard pitches, I’ve helped craft pitches, and I’ve even sat in a bullpen of recruiters while they dialed candidates all day long.  Talk about an experience. 

There are a few qualities that separate the good from the bad, here they are:

1. Empathy

When a recruiter makes a phone call they have to be a chameleon.  They have to read the candidate quickly to understand if they have a 0% chance or a 80% chance to land this candidate for their position.  There is nothing that can turn a candidate sour on a job quicker than a sleazy recruiter who just wants to put them in a job, any job that is.  Candidates want to feel as though the recruiter is working on their behalf and that they can trust this person.  Have you ever been sold a product that sucked, yet the salesman assured you it was the best, only so he or she could collect a commission?  Recruiters have to tow this line constantly and watch every word to make sure the candidate feels a sense of empathy in their search and that they can trust their career with this individual.

2. Consistency

If you trust a recruiter to find you a specific position, such as a sales job within the Pharmaceutical business and after a few weeks they call with a job in heavy machinery sales, you know they are not consistent with their search.  Empower this person to find a position in your given field but as soon as they stray, cut this recruiter off and find a new one.  They are not consistent and their only goal at this point is to earn a commission on your name.

3. Speed

A good recruiter moves quickly.  They have a large list of hiring managers as well as open positions, and they are able to get you in front of  multiple decision makers at a moments notice.  Recruiters who have access to this list of names are quick.  They talk fast, they walk fast, and they are fast to move you through the process.  They call back on time and they call back every day to check in.  Speed is the name of the game in this business, don’t hang your hat on a slow one.

You’ll know a good recruiter when you find them.  Keep them working hard for you and don’t settle.  The recruiter will get paid a commission while you’ll be stuck in a job that you will regret.

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