Understanding the Company’s Culture Before You Accept the Job

Glassdoor.com posted an article on Understanding Company Culture that was reposted (how’s that for attribution?) by Business Insider.  See the article here

While I thought the article made some great points I also believe that they skimmed the surface on how to truly understand company culture before joining the company. 

Glassdoor suggested these points:

1. Visit Glassdoor.com to learn more (naturally, they wrote the article) about the company, the executives and their history with employees.

2. Check out LinkedIn to view profiles of the individuals employed, the groups they follow and the articles they like. 

3. Navigate Facebook to really learn an understanding of how these employees work, what they like to do on the weekends, and the pictures they post.  Yes, I suggest stalking!

4. Visit Bizjournals.com to read articles about the company and see who has been moving on up within the group or moving on out, which can often tell you more.

While I agree with these four points I also believe you should take the time to befriend someone in the organization.  Take them to lunch and pick their brain.  Find out why people have been employed there for the period of time in which they have and also find out why they have openings in the first place.  Ask where they hold company parties, how often, and what does a quiet Friday afternoon look like?  How often does the CEO or President of the company stop in to check on everyone or are they visible at all?  How is conflict resolved?  More importantly, where is the lunch and or happy hour spot and who picks up the tab? 

Everyone has a different interest in company culture but find out the answers to your questions before signing up for the job.

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