#If You See Something Say Something

The famous Port Authority motto and hashtag should now be used in your office.  If you’re a manager and you see someone doing something great, be sure to tell them.  If you have gone a few weeks between patting a good employee on the back, be sure to do it now.  If you see something, say something should be your motto every day. 

In a world in which we are all glued to our phones and we don’t pay attention to the little things, this motto gets lost in translation.  I walk down the hall past my own staff often times on my phone, hammering out an email and I often don’t take the time to let them know how awesome they are.  I know how good it makes me feel to have one of my upper management tell me the great job I’m doing, I need to remember my staff wants to hear it too.

If you see something, say something.  Start today.

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