Top 3 Methods To Cure Work Boredom

Lets face it. We all have it.  There are slow days, there are crazy days and there are days that you imagine a whole new life for yourself, one in which you team up with D.B. Cooper and jump out the back of an airplane.  Those are the days in which you have too much time on your hands!

If you have workplace boredom (and I never do, especially because my boss occasionally reads this) you need a method to cure it.

Here are my top 3 methods to cure workplace boredom:

1. Change Your Routine

If you are like me, you tend to be a creature of habit.  Same route to the office.  Same lunch break followed by the same routine time you turn off the lights in your office each night.  Break the cycle.  Drive a new route to work, pick up breakfast in a different location, and invite someone new out to lunch.  Hold a meeting in a different conference room, start your daily meeting off with an ice breaker, and embrace your office in a whole different way.  Changing the routine will not only add some much needed spice to your day, it will also give you a new lease on the methods in which you’ve always done business.  Burn out happens quickly to those who continue to operate the same way.  Change it.

2. Ask For More Work

If you’re bored, you either are a task master who breezes through every piece of work that hits your desk or you are lazy and have no problem being bored.  Most “task masters” tend to ask for more, they want a heavier workload so they are swamped until they leave at 5pm and they want to check off the box on every task.  Lazy people simply complete the task and wait until someone says “go” on the next task.  Either way, you need more work.  So ask for it.  Seek out your boss, or seek out your staff.  Find out how you can help, what can you help alleviate off someone else’s desk?  Can you help an employee complete a task?  Can you take on a project that will lead the department in a better direction?  Ask.  You will not only cure your boredom but you will also be looked upon as someone who can help out the office and increase productivity, thus leading to that big pay raise you have been asking for.

3. Find A New Job

Seriously, if you’re that bored then find a new job.  You may find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but if you have time to sit around and complain about your current job, it may be time for you to look elsewhere.  Nothing cures boredom like ending the task that causes it.  So start your search and see what happens.  My suggestion is to see #1 and #2 above before you get to #3, because workplace boredom occurs at every level.  Believe it or not even the President probably gets bored in the White House from time to time. 

Cure your workplace boredom!

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