Check your Phone!

I’m sitting outside eating breakfast right now and the entire time I’ve been on my phone answering emails and starting emails with my co workers and staff. Some may say I have a technology dependence with my phone, and I wouldn’t disagree. However there is nothing that makes me crazier than the employee who never checks their emails outside of the 8-5.

Now this blog being my only outlet for this annoyance I have to write it here but I just don’t understand how people can walk away from it and be so un-attached.

Actually it drives me insane!

I guess this is a problem with our society these days since relationships fail, we lose touch with our work and we don’t pay attention the way we used to all because of technology, but my phone improves my world every day and I refuse to turn it off and ignore it.

I had an employee once who said, “why check it at 2am when you wake up?” To which I replied, “I wake up TO check it at 2am!”

I’ll admit I’m on the extreme side but the technology exists for a reason!

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