So You Graduated College? So What

The job market continues to be tough. Those with several years of experience are still lining up to interview for positions that are well below their pay grade and career fairs are full of people who used to make six figures but are looking at new opportunities to get started. There’s no doubt that finding a career is still a challenge.

If you graduated college anytime after 2007 then you understand this all too well. As a manager I interview hundreds of “recently graduated” students each year who spent their first three years out of college living with their parents, working part time as a barista, and holding multiple internships. They may have a degree in business, but their 9-5pm is more like 1-10pm because they have been working in retail to try and make ends meet. I feel bad for these young adults who have felt pressure from the time they were in middle school to find a good college, graduate, make Mom and Dad happy, and get a good white collar job and support themselves. To say it has been a challenge is an understatement.

However, there comes a point where I draw the line in my empathy and have to put it back on these Millenials to say, “so what you graduated, I don’t care!”

I continue to be blown away by the entitlement that comes with the recent graduates. The now attitude, and the arrogance of my 3.75 GPA should translate into success into your company sir. I say so what, you graduated college. It means nothing in today’s world. I’m a firm believer that we’ve gone from a society that put so much emphasis on college degrees to a society that is going to start caring less and less about your piece of paper from the state school. Doctors, Lawyers, Surgeons, etc. yes please still attend Harvard and Yale, we want you to have all the education you can possibly have.

So you graduated college, so what? Show me what you’ve done over the past few years that proves you will be a valuable asset to my company, and when I hire you, work harder and longer than anyone else for those first few years to prove you have what it takes. Until then, so what.

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