3 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Leader

Les McKeown posted this article on Inc.com recently about the three signs that you are meant to be a leader.  Click here for the article.

Often times “Leaders” and “Managers” are confused.  Leaders have a vision and put the right people in the right place for success while managers operate at the fifty-foot level and are rarely looked at as the top 5% of an organization, rather an employee who manages to get the job done.  I want to be a leader.  I want my staff to look at me as a leader, not a manager. 

The best sign that Les McKeown pointed out was the third.  “You Change People. They Change Outcomes”

This can be interpreted in several ways including firing those who are not performing or changing staff.  You can also interpret this by saying that a leader changes the operation or method in which their employee operates, and they change their outcomes for the company.

Leaders are able to spot those who will not be able to perform and make a swift change.  Leaders are also able to coach and develop their employees into becoming better performers.

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

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