The Co-Worker You Despise

I’m beginning to think it may be me. Every company I’ve worked at there seems to be that one person that you just prefer to not pass in the hall and if you have to meet with them you want a third party there just to verify how terrible you think they are. I try, I really do. I try to have wax lips and say all the right things but I swear I’m not built that way to just bite my lip and play nice in the sandbox. I see their name pop up on my phone and my blood pressure starts to rise. I see their email pop in and their style of writing just automatically puts me on the defense. I hate the way it sends fire through my veins and makes me look like an ass every time I head into my boss’s office with the rage of a UFC Fighter.

I’m learning though which is good and here are three things I’m trying to do that you can too:

1. Communicate as often as possible and as early as possible.

Often times I find that the people I have the most issue with want to always have a 90 day warning on every project they work on. I have a tendency to have a stop, jump, now attitude, meaning I want other departments to say how high when I say jump. I realize this isn’t my best quality, however I’m trying to be better about giving long warnings up front that I have a project coming down the pipeline or that I will need their help in the weeks to come. I find that this calms tensions with them and gives them the ability to lead instead of feeling like they are put on a deadline from the minute I walk into their office.

2. Find an ally in their department or within the company

Finding the common ground with this individual can be a challenge, however if you have a resource to utilize such as someone who reports to them or works side by side, you can ease the pain. Warm up to those people that they are surrounded by and in due time they will learn your not so bad and you will learn they are not a monster.

3. Be friendly

Sounds simple I know but don’t allow their mood and attitude to bring you down. If your mood shifts to theirs just like a mood ring then you become part of the problem.

Every job has these individuals that you simple won’t be able to enjoy working with, just make sure you aren’t the person that the article is being written specifically about!

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