A Job Is A Privilege

Having a job is a privilege. It is not a right, it is not something that you deserve, and it is not something that you should take for granted. Being employed in this country is a give and take. You work hard every day for a company that in turn helps to subsidize your healthcare costs, put a roof over your head, and allow for you to achieve your goals in life. The company treats you like the superstar you are because you treat the company the same way. Your employment with them is contingent on several things, and one of them is that you never take for granted the paycheck you receive every two weeks.

Over the last five years we’ve seen on the news several times each month about “The Jobs Report.” What companies are hiring and what states have the lowest unemployment levels. I laugh at these figures because the media has made us feel that being employed is something that everyone deserves and those companies that are not hiring or states that seen to have higher unemployment may be doing something wrong. The reality is, obtaining and keeping a job is not anyone else’s responsibility other than your own.

I’m reminded of this motto every time I watch an employee lose their job due to underperformance, a negative attitude, or a lack of appreciation for the career they have chosen.

Your career is a blessing, not a right. Make sure you respect it every day in the workplace.

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