Email vs. The Phone

It’s apparent we live in the digital age. Today we would rather send an email or a text than pick up the phone. Too many times I’m reminded of this when someone on my staff has to deliver bad news and they would rather hit send at 5:29, just seconds before they leave than actually deal with someone head on over the phone.

I get it. The phone is difficult sometimes. If we have to deliver bad news then it’s easier to hide behind email. Reading the anger from the customer is easier to handle than listening to their emotion and pitch in their voice. But what happens when we send an email that gets mis-interpreted and we’re unable to then solve the problem because it’s too late to get on the phone. A simple phone call would have solved the problems ahead of time.

Email is wonderful. It allows us to communicate quickly and with more people over the course of the day than does the phone. Today we are able to accomplish much more because of technology. However, don’t forget about the phone. Twice a week, if not more, I tell someone on my staff to pick up the phone and solve the problems in this manner. The Millenials in your office will have to be reminded three times a week. Don’t forget the phone!

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