The Non-Problem Solver

The Non-Problem Solver is that person in your office who can’t figure out how to replace staples in the stapler without asking a colleague.  They are the individual who always asks five minutes before the meeting, where the location is, even though it is listed on the email booking.  The Non-Problem Solver tends to point the finger at everyone around them for either not solving their problems or proving them easy solutions to fix them.

You’ll often see them working ridiculous hours, spinning circles when their peers are otherwise spending half the time and producing twice the work.  The Non-Problem Solver may be a slow walker, a slow speaker, and a box-checker.  You know, the people who have sixty give post-it notes on their desk with check marks next to each task to ensure they get the task done.  Don’t you dare ask that person to solve a problem outside of those sixty-five tasks though, you’ll put them into a tail spin that would rival Lindsay Lohan. 

If you see a Non-Problem Solver in your office for an interview then run the other way.  Don’t put yourself through this menial task of trying to solve their problems for them.  You can’t do it, and by solving them, you only hurt yourself and their long-term growth.

Don’t think you can change a Non-Problem Solver either. You can’t.  They are wired this way.  They have been failing at solving problems their whole lives and you won’t be the person that changes it. 

Run from the Non-Problem Solver, but don’t worry about running too fast, they most likely won’t be able to get up to speed by the time you are out of their line of sight. 

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