The Positioner

What’s the name of The Positioner in your office?  Is it Mike? Susan? Tom?

We all have this person.  The person that you see coming into your office and you know the conversation will take several more minutes than what a normal person would take.  The Positioner has to give you every detail, they have to make sure you know exactly the details of everything that has happened and they want you to know they worked harder than anyone else when it comes to putting together the deal. 

The Positioner tells you they work harder than the competition and they always find a way to suck you into their story and for a split second think that they are the best in the office.  The Positioner is long-winded, usually painful to have a conversation with, and the person whose phone call you don’t answer when your outside of the office.

The Positioner obviously positions everything in their favor and the last thing they would ever want is for you to think that they weren’t the absolute best. 

The Positioner usually isn’t the best.  The Positioner is usually the person you can’t seem to get rid of in the office.

Who is your Office Positioner? 

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