“Partnership” Translates to Nonsense

I’m at the point right now where I’m de-sensitized to the word “partnership.”

When you look it up, “partnership” means a joint business venture with a right to share in profits and each incur liability. 

When I think about some of the clients that want me to view their business as true “partnerships” I laugh at this definition because a true partnership in their mind is one-sided and favorable to only them, the customer. 

That old saying the customer is always right doesn’t always apply.

A true partnership should have two corporations which share in profits and losses.  It should be when two business’s come together to thrive toward success.  A partnership isn’t based around the success of one company and the directives they give.  Often times my best “partnerships” are with clients who simply want to see both parties succeed.

The clients who often spend the most amount of money want to throw this word around and frankly it’s laughable because it’s either their way on the partnership road or turn left and get off the highway. 

It makes me think twice before I use the word partnership from here on out.

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