6 Ways To Be Happy & Successful

I started to pick one to highlight from this list and realized I couldn’t.  They are all equally important. 

You can find the list here.

If I was forced to pick one thought it would be “Do One Thing at a Time.” 

I learned this lesson in the past year or so.  It was a tough lesson to learn but I’m thankful I did.  I was always finding myself in situations where I was attempting a gazillion projects at once.  More importantly, each of those roles or projects I was taking on I was completely at half capacity because I didn’t have the knowledge to complete them.  It was my was to over-compensate for my desire to move up within the organization.  I was trying to raise both hands at once while doing a back-flip and I learned over time it simply does not work.

My focus these days is to complete each task with flawless execution.  I’m not eluding to the fact that I can actually be flawless, but what I am eluding to is the fact that I make much more pointed attempts thus making me feel more confident in my ability at the office and not forcing me to try and be the tall poppy in the office.

Hard lesson to learn sometimes but I’m thankful I did. 

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