Millenials: The Hardest Generation

Every manager will do the same exact thing when you reference the word, “Millenials.”  They will without hesitation, roll their eyes and instantly come up with a story they have about a particular millennial they have on their staff.  Ask them to use one word to describe them, you’ll hear “entitled”, “lazy” and “needy.”  The truth is, this is one of the hardest generations to manage. 

While they are the generation that has created some of the most amazing companies and pieces of technology in our time including Facebook, Instagram, and a slew of other products that we utilize every day.  This is also the generation that has caused professors, consultants, and authors to write and speak countless hours on a group of individuals that are by far the most difficult to reach, manage, coach, teach, and employ. posted this article regarding the “5 Tricks for Working with Millenials” and here they are:

1. Overcomunicate. All the time

2. Go heavy on the rewards and the punishments

3. Set the quality bar high

4. Keep accountability consistent and crystal clear

5. Be willing to meet halfway.

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