Out of Office Auto Reply Means Nothing To Me Anymore

I came to this conclusion this morning after I received three “Out of Office” automatic replies and I then received emails directly from those people shortly after.  It’s a sad thing to imagine that you can actually be on vacation or out of the office at an important meeting and someone can still think that you owe it to them to respond.

Our new Microsoft Outlook actually allows me to be able to see when people are out of the office before I email them; and still, it doesn’t phase me to think that they will respond in a matter of minutes.

It’s sad to think that we are such an impatient world that I can’t even wait more than an hour to hear back on an email, or to give someone the decency to enjoy a vacation, or time spent out of the office.  I guess through technology we’ve trained ourselves to think that someone is only a few key types away from answering me.

So I’m not proud to admit it but yes, your “Out of Office Auto Reply” means absolutely nothing to me!

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