Angry Customers Tell Us About Our Business & Processes

Recently I came across this article on Inc.Com about angry customers and why the CEO of Evernote loves them.  When I first read the headline it reminded me of a former leader I once had who loved to step in and “solve all the problems” we were having on the ground level.  Often times a CEO, Manager, Owner, etc. can step in and solve the problems that those middle-level employees can’t.  However, after reading through the article and thinking deeper about the concept, I have to say I agree with Phil Libin.

Angry customers tell us about our business and they tell us about our processes.  They tell us about what is wrong and often what is right within our company and it provides a good pulse for what we may need to fix.  When was the last time you reached out to a customer to ask how things were going?  When was the last time a customer called you up directly and said things were great?  The answer is probably, not recently. 

I bet however you can remember the last time an angry customer reached out to you.  It probably wasn’t long ago.  I bet you remember the conversation, the details, the anger they had, and more importantly the change you made within the organization whether personnel or processes as soon as the conversation was over. 

This is why Phil Libin likes angry customers, and why you should too!

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